Sorry, that's true ^^' should've been more specific! Well, do you remember the first time you've ever communicated with Jack Frost? Were you startled, excited, happy? I'd love to know, but only when you have the time :) I love the way you write!

I do, yeah! I was absolutely thrilled to the bone. A tad surprised that he contacted me, really.

It was probably a week or so after I had seen Rise of the Guardians for the first time. Never before had I believed more in Jack or the rest of the Guardians. I constantly found myself talking aloud to the wind. Or just sitting around, listening to nature and enjoying the Wintry weather.

I was at school, walking around campus in the morning, killing time until my first class of the day. It was an overcast December day, and yet there wasn’t any wind. Just stagnant. And nobody else around since it was so early in the morning.

I remember feeling a little prickle on my neck. You know, that feeling that you get when you look like you’re alone, and yet it feels like someone’s staring at you? Yeah, that feeling. And yet, it didn’t feel like an evil presence. It felt like a long-time friend was around. So, I spoke aloud to Jack. Said my “hello, Jack.”

And then, there was a strong gust of cold wind. Out of nowhere! As if saying “hello” right back. The tops of the palm trees swayed playfully…one after the other…the swaying coming in my direction. And then…it stopped. And all was still again. Except now, it was a good few degrees lower in temperature.

So I continued to talk, knowing that Jack could be somewhere close by. I just talked about anything that came to mind, making smalltalk to someone I couldn’t see. I think i said something funny—but as to exactly what I said, I can’t recall. I remember laughing to myself about it.

And then, someone laughed along with me.

It had come from high up, seemingly from the palm tree closest to me. I looked around. There was no one around. So, I cautiously looked up into the tree. And I caught a glimpse of blue and white…But as quickly as I had seen it, it was gone.

I went through the rest of my day happy as could be—-that had been Jack, no doubt about it. The laughter was otherworldly, and yet so joyous, mischievous, and contagious. I thanked him for visiting with me, and went about my day not begging for anything more than what he had granted me.

But later that night—inspired by the movie and by that meeting—I started to write my fanfiction, Everlasting Snow (which at that time didn’t have a title). I kept my window open, enjoying the sounds of the wind and letting the cool air get rid of my room’s stuffiness. I had my window blinds open, as well, so I could look outside.

As I wrote, I got that prickly feeling again. And it wasn’t from any gust of wind making it through the window. It happened in a break of the winds. But it was closely followed by a sudden drop in temperature in my room. I felt like someone was looking right over my shoulder, from just beyond, from the window behind me. And there was that laughter again. But much softer, much quieter and yet much closer than before. I didn’t dare to turn around. I welcomed him and asked him what he thought, not really expecting a reply, leaning aside nevertheless so he could have a proper look at my computer screen. And that’s when he spoke.

"It’s awesome," he had said. "I can’t wait to see what happens next."

And, with another gust of Winter wind, I knew he had left, leaving an out-of-the-ordinary-for-my-location thin border of frost on the window that he had previously been at (something I saw after turning around, knowing he had gone).

And that was the first time we actually communicated. :)

I have a teeny-weeny dog (Morkie) that growls in when people approach my room in the middle of the night (He won't hurt them though- he loves people and other dogs). Could this stop Jack Frost from coming? -Abeliver (to lazy to login)

Nah. If anything, Jack will have some fun with Morkie if he growls. And dogs are known for being able to separate a menacing presence from a friend, and no doubt Morkie will be able to tell that Jack’s no enemy to you and will be perfectly fine if he visits. So I definitely don’t think it could stop Jack from coming!

Can Jack Frost make it hail?

It’s actually nature’s conditions that turn Jack’s snow into rain/hail/other weather. :)

(PART 2) I'm fourteen, but I've still developed quite a 'crush', larger than any before it. (Darn it... I sound like a desperate little girl...) Anyway, I want your 'professional' opinion. Am I looking to into this or something else? Please don't tell Jack! I would be mortified! Thank you! -MNM

I wouldn’t jump straight to the conclusion that the heart was of Jack’s doing (simply because I consider myself to be a logical human being—it could easily have been someone else), but I wouldn’t discard the possibility of it being him, either. :) Even Jack likes to spread around some warm love on Valentine’s Day!

What do they mean in the movie by center? Does everyone have one?

I take it to mean as like a “who you are.” Basically, if you had to describe yourself in one trait, that would be your center. For example, North is filled with wonder. Bunny is hopeful. Jack is fun. So, it’s their centers.

I entirely believe that yes, everyone does have one, simply because it’s who we are.

And everyone is something! :)

The year that Rise of the Guardians came out, I got really sick and ended up in the hospital (I have a chronic illness) right before Christmas. This left me really distressed and I told my little cousins that all I wanted for Christmas was for Jack Frost to make it snow. On Christmas Eve morning, my nurse told me I had a call. It was my cousins and they told me to look out the window. It was snowing, everything covered in white. I have never believed in Jack Frost more than at that moment.

Whoa, that’s amazing!!! It really warms my heart to hear that. THank you so much for sharing. :)

On top of that, I wish you the absolute best, we’re all here with you. :)

hey! so it's the person who ask the question 'did you get signs from jack' hope you remember :) so, um. what signs? :D (sorry i'm so excited)

Frost on windows, winds in response to my questions/talking, winter weather in general, really. :)

What theme do you use?

it’s just one of the Tumblr generic ones, except I modified it to have the background. :)

I drew this for a good friend of mine for their birthday.

Done only using a 2HB pencil.

Find it on my dA: here and here

Elsa, Frozen (c) Disney

I used to talking to the guardians (especially jack) at night. I tell him what happening today, and something else :) idk i just comfortable even i already know i'm just talking to the wind but i have. Like. A weird feeling that i can't stop talking to it. From the day i started doing this, until today i still cannot see him. I already tell him to show some signs but what i got is dreams (2 dreams). And i‘m really happy lel though there's no snow here Did you get signs from jack? Sorry i'm new:)

I do. And I just have to say…be patient. Keep on believing. :)

Honestly, i love the moon. But sometimes i wonder if the moon has a spirit like MiM. Do you think it does?

I don’t know, to be honest. Sometimes I feel like there’s something else there, like the moon itself is a living being. But other times I just feel like it’s the moon and nothing more.

I saw that you believe in the guardians, does this also mean you believe in the bogeyman? I, myself, am not sure whether to believe or not, but the other day I stood outside in a snow storm and a snowflake landed on the tip of my nose. (Like Jack was "nipping" at my nose)

I do believe in the boogeyman.

What does Jack do when winter is over?

It’s always Winter somwhere :)

Does jack visit Norway a lot because it's his 'home'? i.e. where the myths about him started?

I don’t think he visit’s anywhere more often than anywhere else. I mean maybe colder climates, and norway has a colder climate…right?